Monday, February 13, 2012

Do Not Show the Toilet...Unless It's a Royal Flush!

                 Do Not Show the Toilet...Unless It's a Royal Flush!

                   Royal Flush

We have talked about not showing photos of the toilet in our MLS. That's a no no. No one wants to see the inner workings of your bathroom. There is a time when we do need to share this information. That is when the owner has put in high end Japanese toilets found in luxury homes. There is news about celebrities installing Toto toilets so I guess if national news can report on this subject so can we.

The property at 1 Clipping Tree Lane   has Toto toilets, not in one but in all four bathrooms! Just google Toto and you will see that out of 1200 reviews, it is the best by far..maybe also the most expensive.

I just read a post by Cameron  The Buyer Walked Because The Toilets Weren't Just Right???  and I thought...please bring those buyers to my new listing. We have the right ones and ...they all  have elongated quiet closing seats.

                                  1 Clipping Tree Lane has Toto Toilets

I did some research by just googling Toto.  ''Sure, toilets pretty much all look alike, but based on the research we found, they don't all perform alike. We examined tests of toilets at Consumer Reports, but research done by the Alliance for Water Efficiency really blew us away; these folks have tested more than 1,200 toilet brands and models with simulated waste.....''. The first toilet listed was a Toto....Owners say the flush is quiet and the seat closes slowly so there's no annoying clanking sound.

Do Not Show the Toilet...Unless It's a Royal Flush!

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