Friday, February 03, 2012

Do You Listen For Closing Questions?

Do You Listen For Closing Questions?

Glad we did not wait until spring to put this house on the market. 

The listing was signed on Sunday January 22nd. I remember because it was play offs and the  Ravens were in the game. 
                                                      Purple Balloons

Should we wait until spring to put the house on the market?  I am so glad we made the right decision. No we did not wait! 

In addition to having the maximum number of photos on the Multiple Listing System (MLS) we marketed the home and the neighborhood. This was done through the Internet, print media and blogging.  
10 Reasons to Live at 8930 Church Lane 21133 Baltimore, MD -
 8930 church lane: Baltimore County's Newest Historic District ...Fieldstone
                            8930 Church Lane  HomeRome 410-530-2400

My first call to see the home came in just one week later, again on a Sunday. It was early in the morning when I answered the call.  The appointment was made to meet at the property that afternoon. 

These first time home buyers had done their homework. Their buyer agent, Leroy McLean, had educated them about the market. What a treat showing this perfect home! Their smiles were showing love for the house.

The buyers were looking for this little fellow. They had seen the photo on line.
                                               Visitor at 8930 Church Lane..HomeRome 410-530-2400
After spending time sharing all the wonderful features of this historic colonial, I was going to place the Lockbox on the front door and leave the agent to lock up.
Then the question:

"Do you have to put the lockbox on?''  Well sure I am working for the seller. 

" If we bring you a contract tonight, will you not show it again?" 

Do You Recognize a Closing Question? I left when they left...lockbox in hand.
An offer was sent over that same evening. It was verbally accepted and ratified January 30th. Today was the home inspection and settlement is scheduled for the end of the month!

Glad we did not wait until Spring!
Do You Listen For Closing Questions?  Here's my My Best Close Ever!



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