Sunday, February 26, 2012

Final Walk Through the HomeRome Way... 8930 Church Lane 21133

Final Walk Through the Rome Way...8930 Church Lane 21133

You all know that I have the best sellers. We choose each other and we are 100% Sure we want to work together. My favorite clients  said there were 10 reasons to use Margaret Rome.    I think they liked my blogging and I did sell their home on the first showing.

Today was the final walk through at 8930 Church Lane. We all met at the property... myself, the buyer's agent, the excited buyers and the homeowners.

Our Maryland contract allows for a final inspection within five days of closing. Most times this process is very short. There is a checklist to make sure any needed repairs are done. The buyers go around and turn on the water, the stove, the dishwasher, disposal, flush a couple of toilets, sign the addenda saying everything is satisfactory and say ''see you at the settlement table."

This was not that kind of walk through. It started at 2:00 PM and finished after 4:00 PM. We had the most fascinating tour of the  lush landscaping or as lush as it can be in the winter.  Everything planted on this  half acre lot was done using specimen plants, trees, shrubs or flowers. The buyers got a preview of their gardens and are  anticipating the  beautiful spring season in their new home.  This is such a perfect time to move.


They continued sharing info on the items in the backyard oasis...from the Tiki bar (and location of the extra fuel for these torches) to how to change the filter on the pond and where to purchase the fish. The plantings all had a give privacy, to give color, to add fragrance but most of all to share nature's beauty!

When it was time to go inside, the home was toasty warm from the gas fireplace. Each item was explained. These sellers had taken time to make up  Three Ring contained all the manuals and the other all the documents for 8930 Church Lane 21133 Baltimore county's Newest Historic District .   Everything in one place and so convenient.

                             Binder for appliances and contracts  Binder for documents
               Showing the Gardens  8930 in Winter

My seller, being a horticulturist took time to point out each and every tree, when they bloomed, what color, described the flowers, how /when to trim, and even the fragrance of each tree or shrub. One he said smells like cotton candy... another was lemon scented.  There were chairs and benches to relax and take in the aroma and solitude of the gardens.

The tour continued, inside,on all four levels sharing the various features and upgrades and answering any and all questions.  The buyer was taking notes writing as fast as possible.

And the last thing the buyers saw..a wine cooler installed with a sign that read "Welcome Home" a gift from the sellers. The last thing I saw were big smiles on the happy buyers!

                                                     wine cooler

 Final Walk Through the Rome Way

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