Friday, February 17, 2012

Hands of a Pianist Erica Rome

I am one lucky mom!  This past week I had the privilege of watching my beautiful talented daughter play Gilbert and Sullivan on her grand piano? 

When Is a Dining Room Not a Dining Room? 


There were 25 -30 G & S singers from several states who came together with this music in common. It is all day of singing and laughing and lots of fun. Erica has organized several of these gatherings and is also the accompanist. I admire her amazing talent and skills.  

  Love to watch her play. Love to hear her music.

                          hands of pianist Erica Rome     

 It was fun having my iPad downloaded with the music of Gilbert and Sullivan so I could follow the words and enjoy this talented group of singers and musicians.

                                             iPad for music HomeRome -410-530-2400        

Thank you,Erica, for inviting Dad and I to join your party!

                                                            TLH and Erica

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