Saturday, February 04, 2012

Share the Music Lady's Excitement! Her Student Made Jeopardy!

 Quite a few years ago I listed and sold  Sam and Anita's home and helped them purchase their dream home. We have kept in touch and these special clients have also become good friends. These are the same giving people who started Kids Helping Hopkins! 

                                                     Kids Helping Hopkins

This morning I received an email from Anita and wanted to share The Music Lady's Excitement. This is a very proud moment for a teacher.

Please take a moment to read....

'Hi!!   If you are not on Facebook, you might have missed this entry last night. This was a JEOPARDY question, one of the folks who posted it originally actually saw it on t.v. when she was watching the show and freaked (I would have done the same thing!!)    Please excuse the verbosity of this e-mail......want to explain the reason that I am bursting with pride.


My former Hernwood Student,  Dan Book, is one of this song's  "I Like it Like That"'s writers/producers.  Taught him as well as his gifted sister, Jenn from K-5 at Hernwood (Jenn teaches/produces for "Imagination Station") of the neatest families I have EVER known.   These two "children" were, and still are, two of the sweetest, kindest, brightest kids I have ever taught.
    Dan had a very successful local band through high school (Owings Mills High) and did many gigs.  Parents, Jon (dr. and musician) and Honey (an artist) were extremely supportive of his musical aspirations.  After graduating, Dan decided to become a dr. like his dad,  was in med school in California when he realized music WAS /IS  truly his life.  He now writes/produces in California.......his family, his friends, are ecstatic, and the millions of Hot Chelle Rae fans are certainly glad that he changed his course.   
   The group performed Dan's songs on American Music Awards, where they were named this year's best new group (come one Grammy folks, are you listening??) and they also performed half-time at last Sunday's Pro-Bowl.  I am flying with every time I hear "I Like it Like That" and "Tonight, Tonight" on the radio.....kvelled  (beamed) with pride  when I just saw the  song on Billboard's charts.   Dan gets all of his amazing musical talents and artistic creativity from his parents.....   Knew he'd be EXTREMELY successful in anything he wanted to do, but honestly didn't envision him becoming a rock writer/producer!!  Just thrilled he was with me at the very beginning of this journey.....and when he gets to the Grammy's he must get his "old" music teacher Paul McCartney's autograph!!  Is the music lady can't imagine how much!!!!!  Take good care, and thanks for sharing in this excitement and pride with me!!  Anita'

Congratulations Anita for doing so much for so many. I am glad to call you and Sam my friends.

 Share the Music Lady's Excitement! Her student made Jeopardy!

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