Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yes, I Really Have the Buyers!

Yes, I really have the buyers!  Finding the Right House is Like a Love Affair.

Being Valentine's Day this is a good time to talk about love!

I am working with special buyers who are looking for the perfect home. Mr. Buyer wants to surprise his wife and here is his partial wish list. He wants a  gated community, some acreage, the bigger the master bedroom, the better. He 'lives' in the bedroom and wants it outfitted with everything from the big TV to the refrigerator And she wants a luxury bath...sort of like these special ' little' bathrooms. 

If possible a huge rancher but if not..a home with an elevator. Of course a pool indoors or out would be nice. The more unusual the home the better...so no   Clone-onials for this couple.


                                   Heart Moon  HomeRome 410-530-2400

 I have found that finding the right home is more like a love affair. We describe the perfect mate..height, build, education, background, type of music, similar views and then... we are hit with Mr. or Mrs. Right who does not fit our idea of that perfect mate.

When the chemistry is there, nothing else matters. Boom we have found our soul mate!

I use this analogy when working with buyers. Of course I ask for their written wish list..however I will be open for the right buying signals and asking the right questions.

Other agents have told this couple they are unreasonable..they will never get everything...they are just asking for too much.

I think this will be a fun challenge..just glad they are not my only clients.

I will make up a batch of these statements  for the buyers to keep in their car.


"Dear Home Owner, Our family would like to live in this neighborhood.

We like your home and if you are thinking of selling, please contact our real estate agent:

Margaret Rome at 410-530-2400


  All calls are confidential.”  


When they see a home they like, they can slip this note into the mailbox or front door. I instruct them to let me know which homes they are interested in so I can be prepared when the call comes in. I can do the research in advance – how much it is assessed for, how long the present owner has lived there, taxes, comps etc.

Why wait for the perfect home to come on the market? Anyone can wait for a home to show up in the MLS. Be proactive!

These days, some sellers may be holding back, thinking they will wait until the market gets better. Just because it’s not in the MLS, don’t assume a home isn’t for sale – especially if it seems like the perfect home for your buyers.


Finding the right house is a lot like finding the right soul mate! You may not know it until you actually meet.

Yes, I Really Have the Buyers!



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