Saturday, March 24, 2012

In Baltimore All HomeRome Listing Appointments Are Made By Me

 In Baltimore All HomeRome Listing Appointments Are Made By Me!

One of the most important things I do in my business is  make my own appointments.     Not a coordinator, not a Centralized Showings and not an assistant. This is the service I give to my clients. Sure if it is a vacant property a Lockbox with  'show anytime' is fine for many. If I have taken the responsibility to list the property, I will take the responsibility for getting agents and buyers into the property.

What Time?
                                                                                                                   Appointment time

Most agents are quite surprised how easy it is to show one of my listings. A phone call, an email, a text..they  all work. Immediately or within a very short time, you know it you have an appointment and can move on to your next task.

For a short while, I was trying to follow the logic of having the property available 24/7... but guess what?

This is not how I choose to sell real estate. Just this week at a settlement table the young agent and her buyer expressed appreciation. You see she had called on a property of mine that was not quite right. I suggested another, a totally renovated condo that was in the same price range. Within hours this property was under contract. Love at first sight but there was no chance  if I had not been making my own appointments.

There are many other reasons to make my own appointments. I know my clients, I know how to reach them, I know how to get them ready for a showing. If they are not available or if there is no lockbox then I meet the buyers or plan B is put in place.

Many agents have a follow up system either electronically  or an assistant who makes calls.

When I make the appointment, I am aware of when the property is being shown, I have the seller call me when the buyers leave or if they have not shown up on time. It only takes a phone call to keep a seller happy!

Most agents appreciate my making the appointments. I can answer questions about the property and the seller's moving flexibility.

 Many buyers agents ask me to keep them in mind. I know what they are looking for. It is not unusual for me to run an ad for a specific property for their buyer.  When I get a new listing, I give those agents a call right before it hits the MLS.

Just this morning an appointment was scheduled for 11 am.   A call from the buyer's agent at 10:50 with a cancellation. The agent was a delight  (rapport had already been established). She said she would stop by to preview even without the buyer. I was able to call the seller right away explain the cancellation and let her know the agent was still coming by. Without that call, this seller could have  wasted  her Saturday morning. It was raining, she was out of the house with the pets and just waiting to return.

I am not suggesting you make your own appointments but....

In Baltimore All HomeRome Listing Appointments Are Made By Me!

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