Thursday, March 08, 2012

Listen to Who is Following You!

Listen to Who is Following You!

Stop what you are doing! Look at your emails.  Listen to your followers.

The title could have been..."How to Get a Featured post."

  Yesteday's post got that little gold star!   It was giving some basic information about changing your address with the DMV and election board. But it was featured.

The inspiration came through an email from my  special sellers who thought it would make a good post.

So I stopped what I was doing, I looked at my email and listened to the people that matter...the special ones who are following me, the people who found me through my blog, the people who bought one of my special contemporary homes and sold their historic home with me.


                                       Stop Look Listen

It is not about the comments, it's not about the traffic, it's not about how many views. It's not about the SEO and it's not about the google juice.

It is about listening. Do You?

Listen to who is following you!

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