Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Looking For Ways To Eliminate Inefficiencies...The Rome Way

 Looking For Ways To Eliminate Inefficiencies...The Rome Way

There was a time in order to go on an appointment, certain files were required, client folders, listing agreements, CMAs and a myriad of other documents.

Now my time is flexible and more productive. For example, I left home for a noon showing appointment.  The rest of my day was unplanned. While waiting for buyer, I was taking phone calls and made four  spur of the moment appointments,  fitting them in without returning to the office. One of these showings will be turning into an offer.

In the past, I would not have been prepared.. but today using my iPad   there was no hesitation.

                                                          iPad  music

It was a breeze to pull up photos, room dimensions, details and compare what had been sold recently. 

What started as one planned showing, turned into four.  Thinking I was finished for the day, a text  came through notifying me of an offer on one of my very active listings. 

Alerting the  buyer's agent of competing offers and a time constraint, this Realtor® was on the ball. Within  the hour, I had the contract changes and the addenda signed. I noticed that the final changes were DocuSign signatures. Such good timing for this contest!

                                                                                 docusign on iPad

Without using this technology, one buyer would have lost the "perfect" home.

Hard to compete with a cash offer, proof of funds, a quick settlement and an agent who knows how to get a deal done!


Always Looking For Ways To Eliminate Inefficiencies... the Rome Way

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