Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paying Attention to the Details....Baltimore Craft Show

Attention is in the details.

Last month I attended the The Best Craft Show Right Here in Baltimore... 

One  artist that I have been following, Leonie Lacouette , again had her clocks on display. Last year I admired her work but thought they were too big for my space. This clever business woman was open to a custom order so  I commissioned one for my home.

It just arrived this week and there was a personal handwritten postcard thanking me for the purchase and on the back of the clock was written my name..no question it was a custom order. The attention was definitely in the details.

It is now hanging on my kitchen wall over the small TV. Each time I pass this piece, I smile. It is like it was custom made for me..oh yeah it was!

                                             ACC Baltimore Craft Show  

                                       Rome Clock

Leonie Lacouette, the artist, made me feel special at the craft show when I placed the order. She followed through with an email and her delivery was perfect. The attention is in the details.

So many wonderful artists come to Baltimore for the ACC Craft Show....take a look at some of the previous shows..ACC Craft Show Baltimore 2012..More Than Eye Candy. 

Are we  making our clients feel special by paying attention to the details?  



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