Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pikesville Cat Show 2012

This past weekend was the Pikesville Cat Show. The last time we went was 2009 ...Here Kitty Kitty ...and Real Estate 

There were hundreds of cats, all colors, breeds, sizes, long haired, short haired, wavy hair, no haired, green eyes blue eyes and brown eyes.

                                                   Pikesville Cat Show Cake

 The Pikesville Cat Show is held in the Historic Pikesville Armory built in 1903 to support the expansion of the National Guard program. It is the second-oldest armory in Maryland.  

                             Pikesville Cat Show... Names

             So many Cats...So Many Breeds

                                      Pikesbille Cat Show 2012

         Wavy Soft Hair

                                                          Pikesville Cat Show 2012 

         Big Kitty With Long Hair       


  Pikesville Cat Show 2012             Pikesville Cat Show 2012


 Green Eyes                                                          

  Bob Tail

                                                         Pikesville Cat Show 2012


This pretty cat was on a leash prancing and leading the owner all over the Pikesville armory. I had never seen a cat "walked" before.


                                                         Pikesville Cat Show 2012

A breed in my favorite color...they are called Havana Brown and beauties they are.



  Of all the cats, my favorite is the one I come home to..Phoebe.

                                                         Phoebe Rome                                                

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