Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Selling Your Baltimore Home...How Do You Stay Calm?

Selling Your Baltimore Home..How Do You Stay Calm?


There is stress selling a home at any time. When you couple the sale with an illness, an out of town move, uprooting children, a death, a job loss, a divorce, a foreclosure, an age related move or any other life altering situation...well no wonder there is increased anxiety.

Take a deep breath, take a few steps back and say..."This is the stress Margaret Rome  told us about"

Selling a house is stressful!      


There are very few transactions that someone ( the buyer, the seller or even the agent) doesn't have a  mini breakdown, minor temper tantrum, crying spell or an emotional outburst.

We, as professionals, need to be aware, to recognize these situations and stay calm.

Sometimes these are quite minor and other times can have  significant monetary effect. Maybe an unexpected situation with a home inspection, termites, radon elevation, a failed well or an under appraisal.

It could even be a misunderstanding over a light fixture that was or was not included. The key is to be prepared for any outbreak. My nursing background  has come in handy for many of these emotional encounters.

When working with sellers I have several counseling sessions during the transaction. Then when a situation arises, I can remind them of our earlier discussions.

Tip: Remind the sellers to put closure to this move by saying good bye to the house. 

Sometimes it is smooth sailing until moving day when the truck is late. That is enough to have anyone come unglued. Be available for your clients, be there to assure them. Letting them know that stress is normal... can make the difference.

Tip: Make sure your buyers and sellers have eaten prior to  settlement. Low blood sugar is another cause of emotional stress.

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Selling Your Baltimore Home..How Do You Stay Calm?



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