Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Formula: Becoming A Millionaire the Rome Way!

 The Formula: Becoming A Millionaire the Rome Way!

Back in 2006 when I joined ActiveRain, there were less than a 1000 members. I was number 845. From the beginning I was fascinated by this blogging platform. In all these years I have continued to log on daily.

                                            1 Million POINTS

The daily blogging habit started with a challenge from another member...Karen Bernetti. She decided to post every day for a month. I called her right away, thinking she had lost it. No one has that kind of time if they are selling real estate or if they have any other kind of life.

To support Karen, I committed to commenting on her post each day. Some days it was almost midnight before she posted. I had to call a couple of times to remind her.

If I could comment everyday on her post...why not take the same challenge and try posting daily?

It started with a month, then a contest to do another 30 days and then another. It became a I have not missed in almost 2 years.

My other habit is calling an ActiveRain member each day but I've never kept any records. No idea how many of these calls were made  but the friendships and networking have been beyond belief.

We were doing meetups long before we called them meetups. Sometimes it was  a simple let's get together for lunch, blogging about it and winding up with 10- 25 people. I have lost count of how many times we have gotten together.  I also will not name the people who have become so important inside my computer with virtual hugs and handshakes. You know who you are!

Calling a member when they write something that interests me or when they get their first gold star, or for any other reason...I will have them say they enjoyed the outreach. Many times thinking I work for ActiveRain.

I don’t work for ActiveRain but ActiveRain works for me!

The Formula: Becoming A Millionaire the Rome Way is pretty simple.

 Do what is necessary to list, sell, and settle real estate transactions. Getting the most exposure for my listings for special clients. Making sure my clients are my number one priority. posting daily, by commenting daily, by signing in daily, by calling members daily, by writing about my days in real estate, by answering questions that help others, by doing all the things that are important to other words... Doing it the Rome Way.

What do I write about? You really want to know? Go to the top of this page hit the search button and type in my name or HomeRome.

Thank you ActiveRain. Thank you to everyone who has touched me and thank you to those I have touched through this platform.

Note: That's doing it with no market reports, not following the SEO suggestions and not asking for people to subscribe to me. Maybe my next million I will do it another way.


 The Formula: Becoming A Millionaire the Rome Way!


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