Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More About the Waiting List

                                       More About the Waiting List

There was a featured post by one of my favorite ActiveRain members, Martha Brown...The 'Waiting List'...Is This The Wave of the Future? 

                                              The Waiting List HomeRome

I remember one of the first times I told a buyer about my waiting list.

Being a listing agent kept me very busy so I explained that I just could not handle another client.

A few days later, he called asking for an appointment to BE interviewed. He wanted me to interview him so he could get on the list.

He said he was willing to wait for me.

I was blown away!... and told him he was at the top of my list and we made plans to find him the perfect home.

He was so sure he wanted to work with me. Turned out to be one of my favorite clients of all time.

Always be ready to walk away from a listing. Do business only with people you  like and respect, even if you are struggling!

 If you don't trust them going in, that's a pretty good indication the listing will cost you more in time, aggravation and money than you will make.

Don't think of it as turning down a listing; think of it as making room for a better client!

                                    More About the Waiting List..



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