Monday, April 30, 2012

Today...I Am Not Writing a Blog Tonight!

         Today...I Am Not Writing a Blog Tonight!  


Not because there is nothing to say! Not because I am lazy!

It is time to put into practice WIN...What's important now!  

Today... I was at the gym early in the morning!

Today... I  met an appraiser!

Today... I negotiated a home inspection!

Today... I made a bunch of appointments!

Today... I showed my  Heritage Crossing Listing at 712 George St. Baltimore, MD 21201 

Today... I wrote an offer!

Today I met with the buyers, got signatures and emailed the offer. Their  home is under contract and they  want to move quickly to accomodate the buyers.

Before you know it...that's a big chunk of today.

             Today... I Am Not Writing a Blog Tonight!

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