Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What Do You Put in a 1/2 Car Garage?

 What Do You Put in a 2  1/2 Car Garage?

It is listed as a 2.5 Car Garage?

What does that mean? A two and a half car garage? Do they make half cars?  If they did which half would you park?

                                   1/2 brown lexus                    1/2 car        


Would I show  this half?

                                                                                 M Rome License Tag

A 2.5 car garage could have two automatic doors or  three like 1 Clipping Tree Lane . A two and a half garage has ample space for two normal sized cars and then extra space for the golf cart, the riding mower, the motorcycles, the bikes, the extra freezer, the toys and all the other things we tend to store in our beloved garages.

   What Do You Put in a 1/2 Car Garage? 


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