Monday, April 23, 2012

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Being a bit 'hard to get' is more intriguing than being available each and every time the phone rings.

My first waiting list had nothing to do with real estate but was my best close ever.

Martha talks about 'waiting' for  invitations to join a group. Are we waiting for something special?

Via Martha Brown Homes & News Around Annapolis (Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc):
The 'Waiting List'...Is This The Wave of the Real Estate Future?

waiting listThe first time I heard of a 'waiting list' in real estate was through Margaret Rome. If you do not know Margaret she is not only an awesome blogger and Ambassador here on Active Rain but an absolutely incredible, kind, loving. helpful individual not to mention a Realtor extraordinare. Anyway back to the Waiting List...

Margaret wrote a blog about her Waiting List and has mentioned it in many of her other blogs as well. Margaret is a solo agent who is creative, authentic and very savvy and she knew early on that there was only so many people she could help at one time and do so effectively so she created a 'waiting list' of clients. These future clients are thrilled to be part of her waiting list and because they are Margaret keeps her pipeline ever flowing with excited new clients for the future.

The next waiting list was actually waiting on an invite. yes I am talking about Pinterest. A few months ago when Pinterest was taking hold I decided to check it out and see what all the interest was. Well...I could not just join, no siree. I had to wait to be invited. Though I was finally invited I have still not joined in. Not sure why other than just another 'social' thingy on an already full plate.Yep, thats it. My plate is full already and so Pinterest has been put on my 'waiting list'. But.... while they sit on my waiting list Pinterest has become the fastest growing social media site on the internet. Wow!!

Today I heard about a new picture platform that is taking the place of Picnik. It is called Ribbet and guess what... I had to send an email to join their 'waiting list'. Hmmmm here we go again.

I feel as if I am waiting for something very special just like I do when I see that first rose open up and share its beauty. So could that be why a waiting list is becoming the wave of the future? 

Hmmmm, I think Margaret was a rose way ahead of her time. 

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