Monday, May 21, 2012

Go Figure! Simple Use For My iPad

Go Figure!  Simple Use For My iPad.


Of course everyone has a calculator. They are on their smart phones or watches or cute little gadgets. But the most useful one is on my iPad and is one of my most used apps.

Why? Just look at the size!

                                      iPad Calculator

At a settlement today where siblings were selling the parents home, three of them were figuring out expenses and how to divide the proceeds. 

I watched one use a regular calculator, another their iPhone and yet another paper and pencil.  (Yes... there are still some people who can add, subtract, multiply and divide the old fashioned way.)

The problem... they kept coming up with different numbers.

I opened my iPad calculator which is big enough for everyone to see. I let them call out the numbers and then hit the add and divide buttons. Within a few seconds, they had the answer they were looking for. And it matched the proceeds that was on the HUD 1.

Go Figure!  Simple Use For My iPad.

Do you have a simple, but useful, app to share?

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