Sunday, May 13, 2012

If I could only pick one ...Indispensable..I Can't Live tool!

If I could only pick one ...Indispensable..I Can't Live tool! 

There is an ActiveRain Contest  and it deals with technology. My first post back in 2006 was about technology.   That post is a bit outdated.

A pen and paper is all you need to list and sell a house...but our technology tools sure make things a lot easier. 

                                    Pen and Paper
What could I not live without in my business?

I could name quite a few but this contest is asking for one... not an easy task. At one time I would have said my GPSmy computer, or each of the various things  in my bag. 

There is no way I would leave home  without my camera,  electronic measurer, calculator, my two faced watch and the myriad of chargers and cords for all the devices. So what else is important?

So many things that I have come to love and depend on like my business card.


But if I had to choose only would have to be my  iPad and how I use it combining almost all of the tools above.

Unlike my iPhone, it is big enough to work with!

It has a full screen calculator, a camera, Multiple Listings ( MLS ) and photos of any and all my properties. I can pull up any one of my 1000 plus blog posts when I am sharing a story or making a point. I can show all of my advertising.

  The full screen calculator comes in handy!

                            iPad calculator

 I love being able to show my latest advertising.

                                   HomeRome Ad 5/2012


I can show my website, my blog, my ads, how I market other properties. I can find tax information and listing history while showing a property. I can make appointments and show comparables.  

Forget the flag at a Realtor® meeting? No problem  I have been the Flag! 

                                                          American Flag

I can write an offer, negotiate, pull up a net sheet and email a contract. I can even entertain a 4 year old using an iPad App that is fun.

Indispensable..I Can't Live tool!


I can WOW the heck out of sellers during a listing appointment with just this one special tool. It has become an extension of me.  Many people have gone out and purchased an iPad after watching me show off with this cool tool. Another contest had me being a  Mentor for the iPad! 

If I could only pick one ...Indispensable..I Can't Live tool! It would be my iPad!


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