Friday, June 15, 2012

Advertising To Find a Home For Baltimore Buyers.


                                                                            Too Late HomeRome sign

Advertising To Find a Home For Baltimore Buyers.

 As a listing broker in Baltimore, I represent sellers to get their home sold. Each of my properties get extensive exposure through my website, my blog, my signage, my presence in the community and my advertising.

When one of my listings gets a "TOO LATE" sign, some sellers need to buy another property in the Baltimore area.

I have always had a Buyers4YourHomePage  to help these special clients find the right home. In addition to advertising my listings I also advertise for these qualified buyers.                 

Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome

 The main portion of my advertising is for my listings. Lately the right side of my advertising is searching for buyer specific property.

Below are the homes needed for these qualified buyers.


Buyers Needed HomeRome 410-530-2400

Today a call came in from a seller telling me about her 2 story colonial with a large yard in the Franklin School District for under $500,000.       

  (see # 6 bullet above)

 Since it was already listed and we knew about it. It had been ruled out by the buyer. It had many features that were right but not right enough.

It is rewarding to know that advertising still works.

 Advertising To Find a Home For Baltimore Buyers.


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