Saturday, June 23, 2012

And The Heck With SEO, Enjoy The Comments..


It is time to write Localism posts for SEO, thanks to Bob's encouragement.  Yesterday when I left my box of keys in the other car and could not reach Lee to meet up and retrieve them, I had to change my schedule. When I did speak with him, he told me the container of keys were on the roof of my car!!!

Oh no!!!! 

                                                                   OH NO!

Having left home for the gym at 6:30 am, it was now 12 hours later. Driving with Lee, we traced my early morning route, very slowly.

 It was four blocks from my house, two turns later, on the busy main street in rush hour traffic, that I see the first bit of metallic shine and a colorful tag. Yep I found my keys or what remained of them. They were strewn gutter to gutter across the street and for most of the entire block.

Not one was left UNdamaged.. they were either bent or broken ...and what was a garage door opener was reduced to a couple of pieces of plastic. The blue accordion file box was mangled past recognition. 

Relief at finding them was exciting. Being in the middle of the busy road picking up the pieces was not as scary as the thought of losing them. I collected the bits and pieces and laid them all down. Most of the tags were all there but no longer attached to any of the keys.

Lee asked what happens next. My response, since I Don't Do Upset,

                                    " For sure I have tonight's blog." 

Then I started calling my sellers for replacement keys and to ask  Which Key Is Yours?   

                                 Broken Keys

                               And The heck with SEO, Enjoy The Comments.

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