Wednesday, June 06, 2012

 What is an Affordable Home in Baltimore? Think Condominium. 

                                                    The Towers #103  HomeRome Realty

Younger people, first time buyers  in a condo... there’s a novel idea in Baltimore. 
Plenty of other big cities, like New York, lots of kids grow up in a high-rise buildings. It's not common here in Baltimore.
Ramps can perfect for strollers and bikes not just wheelchairs and walkers.

But what about the high condo fees?  Because those fees in some cases include the utilities, outside maintenance, lawn care,  pool, tennis and security...  it may be  more affordable than almost any single family home. 
We believe the prices will go back up and in a few years the buyers will have equity for their next home.

 This is a good investment for parents of law, medical and college students.  Get into the market for a reasonalbe price and figure in your condo payments. Then live like you are on vacation in a hotel with all the amenities of a full service building. 
What is an Affordable Home in Baltimore?  Think Condominium!

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