Monday, June 04, 2012

Summer Fun Contest, A Big Birthday, and an Anniversary

                Fun in the Sun While the Business Still Runs.

This is an entry for the Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul Group Contest! | Fun in the Sun While the Business Still Runs!  Join in on the Challenge!


It is very late but this contest is run on PST and I might make the deadline just for Sally.

It was a very special two days... a Great Big TLH Birthday and our anniversary.

Our beautiful daughter, Erica, came over and created the special Rome Cake for her daddy. Thought it would be fun to capture a few pictures to share.


                             Erica Rome The Rome Chocolate Cake  Erica Rome The Rome Chocolate Cake 
                             The Rome Chocolate Cake    The Rome Chocolate Cake

                             Happy Birthday Lee Rome   Lee Rome Happy Birthday

Kathy  and Chet Rome were on the phone while Dad was opening his present, almost as good as being there.


And the next day was our wedding anniversary. We've been married 16,073 Days and we decided to go to our very  favorite restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland. We have had many celebrations at Tio Pepes since they first opened their doors. Never have been disappointed with a meal. This time we did a celebratory lunch...and experienced total perfection. Just look at these exquisite treats.

                             Tio Pepes Seafood Salad Lunch   Tio Pepes Soft Shells

       A slice of pine nut roll was brought to celebrate the occasions.

                                                       Happy Birthday Lee Rome

 The phone was on vibrate and no one was able to interrupt our Romantic lunch at Tio Pepes in Baltimore, Maryland

           Summer Fun Contest  A Big Birthday and an Anniversary.


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