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Why Do We Need a Sign When Selling Our Baltimore Property?

 Why Do We Need a Sign When Selling Our Baltimore Property?

Towards the end of my listing presentation I ask:

Would you like the sign placed to the left or the right of the driveway? But never Do you want a sign? 

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A few years ago I received a call from a seller who knew I had sold some very chalenging properties  that were not Clone-onials.

He was ready to talk about hiring me.  His property had a bit of acreage, was on a busy street, had one small rancher, a dilapidated house, a three car garage, a green house and possible subdivision possibilities. Thought this might be a long shot...must be grossly overpriced... but one that was worth looking at. You know I like a challenge.  

After evaluating this unique property, I found the previous price to be reasonable even though the sellers expected a huge price reduction. Seeing the potential in this property and a desire to help this family,  a listing was signed  and my job began. There was the measuring, copy for my blog and website, photos, MLS posting, color brochures, my print advertising and a notification to the sign company.

I asked  where they would like the sign placed...notice I did not ask IF they wanted one?

They did not want a sign and would not let the previous agent use one.

When  asked the reason, they responded: "We are afraid that it might bring attention to a vacant property."

But that is what we need!  We want attention! We want the whole world to know the property is available for sale!!

It had been on the market for a couple of years with  no showings, no offers and no luck. Needless to say the owners were frustrated and ready to give up. 

This "unsaleable" property needed the right kind of advertising and a simple sign out front.

Not only did I have numerous calls but the adjacent neighbor, a church, called as soon as the sign hit the dirt!  This congregation had been praying for this perfect property. The acreage was for their playground and the small home for a church member and the home in disrepair was perfect for their storage needs.

This unique and challenging property was sold within the week for Full List Price!

Sure convinced me, once again, of a sign's importance.

Why Do We Need a Sign When Selling Our Baltimore Property?

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