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Cheswolde is located in Northwest Baltimore zip code 21209.

Cheswolde is located in Northwest Baltimore zip code 21209.

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This lovely neighborhood is made up of many different type of homes like 2719 Cheswolde Rd, Baltimore, Maryland 21209 which came to me as an ActiveRain Referral.

 In many ways, Cheswolde is a typical Baltimore neighborhood. Located in the northwest part of Baltimore City. Cheswolde is a mixture of single-family detached homes and garden apartments, most built in the mid-20th century.

                                                              Charles Carroll

 Even so, the history of Cheswolde goes back to the early 1800's when land north of Western Run (a small river) was owned by Charles Carroll of Carrollton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

A house said to have been Carroll's hunting lodge still stands at the northwest corner of Greenspring Avenue and Cross Country Boulevard.  In the first half of the 19th Century a grist mill operated near there on the Western Run. Later it was converted to snuff mill and operated until damaged by a flood in 1868.

By 1915, acreage called Cheswolde Farms had been laid out and subdivided. Cheswolde was annexed to Baltimore City in 1918, but there was little growth until the 1940's when active building began that extended through the 1960's. The remaining open land in this neighborhood of hills will remain undeveloped as it lies in the Western Run floodplain.

As late as the 1950's, an airfield and flight school operated in the northwest corner of the Cheswolde community. But in recent years, that 250 acre land parcel has been developed as townhouses, garden apartments and condominiums.

The charms of Cheswolde are indeed easy to see. Part of zip code 21209, this neighborhood has the wonderful look and feel of a settled community with mature trees and flower-filled gardens.

 If you decide to take a walk, camera in hand, these are some of the houses in and around Cheswolde.

Taney Road Before
Taney Road Addition


   This house on Taney Road was a double challenge to sell – it was an unusual shape and style, having been designed by the architect/owner, and the condition inside made it an "as is" sale.  The new owners added a lot more space, completely changing its look.

McMansion Neighbor2





 We have plenty of variety in Cheswolde, including the "Clone-onials" that Baltimore loves so much, like this one above. This ''McMansion'' used to be two small houses! Now it dwarfs its next door neighbor.

Since I did a blog on"Pop Up "homes , there have been plenty of changes that illustrate some good advice: If you love your location, there is no reason to move. Make the house the way you want it, or raze it and build from scratch.

If you are thinking of selling your home in the Cheswolde area, I may already have the buyer. Give me a call at 410-530-2400

                              Cheswolde is located in northwest Baltimore zip code 21209.

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