Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ActiveRainers MeetUp in Baltimore!

  ActiveRainers MeetUp in Baltimore! 
Thanks to the 19 people who met today at Bare Bones...our AR meetup was a huge success. They just keep getting better and better. This entire group is a delight to be around!

Below are few photos and not a lot of copy. It has been a wonderfully long day....ending with a settlement.  

Check out the list of everyone at the bottom.
 It was a Maryland MeetUp but Virginia's Lenn, Jan and Steve were wonderful guests.
                    Lenn, Jan and Steve from Virginia

 Margaret,Jan, Ellie,Martha,Steve,Anne, June
                 Anne, Martha, Damon
Bridget, Sydney,Amy Andrea, Rich, Diane
           Steve, Sharon, Bridget, Lenn, Anne, Damon
There were 19 of us who met today.

Martha Brown
Margaret Rome
Bridget McGee
Andrea Bedard
June Piper-Brandon
Richard Iarossi
Ellie McIntire
Anne Hruby
Jan Bachman
Steven Bachman
Sharon Bass
Brent Kluge
Laura Byrd
Amy Pherit
Christy Fratta
Sydney McGee
Diane Phillips
Lenn Harley
Damon Stubblefield

To see more about today's ActiveRainers MeetUp in Baltimore take a look at

Martha's Post...What A Beautiful Thing An Active Rain Meet-Up Is
Steven Bachman's Post with video.

Why Diane Phillips loves ActiveRain Meet-ups.

and some food photos

Bare Bones Grill and Brewery, Ellicott City, MD

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