Monday, August 13, 2012

You Got the Listing...Now What?

You Got the Listing...Now What?

So today I am going on a listing appointment. I have spoken at length with the seller, taken copious notes  and gained lots of information about her need to sell, the condition of the home, a description of the home, including recent updates, why she bought the house and the reason for selling.  I ask for a copy of the deed, title policy and a spare key for me. This is all done before I meet the seller.

I have a list of every home on her street, when it sold, how long it took, what it sold for and comps for the neighborhood.  I have all the public records, assessor's map, the listing history, tax records etc.  When I arrive, bond with the seller I need two questions answered before I will consider taking on a client.

Are you 100% sure you want to sell your home?

Are you 100% sure you want to use me?

When I get positive answers to these questions, my work begins.  Because of the stress in selling real estate I incorporate counseling  and here are a few posts on the subject.

There Are No Emergencies in Real Estate.

There is Stress Selling a Home.

High Stress When Selling a House!

Moving Can Be An Emotional Roller Coaster!

Photos and measurements are taken at this time while the listing is being signed and initialed.

Suggestions on how  to get the home ready is discussed. Very few home are show ready at this stage. Here is a simple suggestion to get started...De-CowPie Your Home the Rome Way .

I spend enough time with the seller to make sure their questions are answered and they know how I work.

Within the next 24 hours, the listing is placed in the Multiple Listing System (MLS). I  write a "Coming Soon" post and do the copy for my weekly advertisement. I will call a few agents who may have buyers for this home.

.......a few hours later


Had to leave to go on this listing appointment and I do have a signed agreement! We bonded and my two questions were answered. Oops left my camera and when I called the seller...she asked : "Is my house sold yet?"

It is after 11:30 pm and the contest is over in a few hours. My temporary sign is in the ground and I will order a full post sign holder. I took some preliminary photos for my "coming soon" post, will be going back for better photos when the light is better and there is more time. I am writing copy for my advertising, placing the home in the MLS and sending this photo for my weekly ad.


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6811 Cherokee Dr. Baltimore MD 21209

 You Got the Listing...Now What?

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