Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Paperless Challenge In Progress

Paperless Challenge In Progress

Back in February 2011 there was an ActiveRain Paperless Challenge.


The goal... to create a plan reducing the amount of paper used in real estate.

 Here are a few ways that allow me to use less paper but not quite paper-less.

My listing agreements are on my iPad but I still keep a paper copy.  Many of my clients do NOT use a computer,  email or even faxes and I have to work around this situation.

I still use MBAI forms and no longer keep a stack of out of date listing packets.  I still  print one Exclusive Right to Sell contract which I have signed by the seller, scan the original and keep it in the email folder for that listing. Disclosures are scanned separately so it is easy to print or email just what is needed to write an offer. My Fujitsu Scanner still makes it easy to take that one document and file it electronically.  

My contract offers are still  emailed to the client with highlighting for signatures and initials. I have phone appointment times to review the offer and answer questions. They sign and return by fax or email. The fax goes directly into my email. When complete, I combine with the same cover letter and email to all parties. For clients without technology, I am able to send the offer to a family member, lawyer or other trusted adviser for review.

I no longer print up broshures  for listings or MLS sheets  when showing property. I have each listing in the iPad and can have them in my photo gallery...so much easier than carrying paper copies.  I am always Looking For Ways To Eliminate Inefficiencies.

On listing appointments, anything can be pulled up on the iPad from a marketing piece on a specific property, to a blog about the neighborhood to showing my weekly  print advertising.

I have been able to entertain, 3 kids under the age of 4 at the same time, with a single Cool iPad Tool...no more coloring books and reams of paper for drawings.

The Challenge is to create a plan reducing the amount of paper used in real estate.  Did a Paper Truck Throw Up?    

I may be a bit old fashioned but I still want one original paper copy of the contract. I have not been able to cut that paper umbilical cord.

My goal (when I have time in between listing, selling and settling my properties) is to delve more into some of the things Cheryl is doing.  Realtor Plan to go Paperless starts with Evernote Cartavi & Docusign! 

 Right now I am a Paperless Challenge...in Progress 

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