Friday, October 19, 2012

Baltimore City Public School Locator By Address

                                                            Red School House

Here is the way to find where schools are in Baltimore City and locate the school by your home address. The website is 

Below is what the site looks like and you can just type in your address.

'Baltimore City Public Schools has many school options for students, including zoned schools for some grades (based on residential address) and schools of choice for all grades. City Schools has citywide choice for high schools and is expanding choices for students in the middle grad0es.

The School Locator can be used to determine your zoned school or school choice options, based on your address. Upon registration, two proofs of documentation will be required to confirm your address. Please visit the Student Placement website for specific documentation requirements.'                                         

Street Number
Street Direction
* Street Name
Street Type
Zip Code

                       Baltimore City Public School Locator By Address

For verification of school assignments, please contact the Office of Student Placement at (410)-396-8600. Proof of residency in Baltimore City is required when registering your child in any Baltimore City Public School.

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