Saturday, October 20, 2012

Getting Stuck in Baltimore

Getting Stuck in Baltimore.

Being a solo broker, plus reading Susan Emo's post, was a good reminder of my last bout with certainly knocked me for a loop!

  So I decided to get stuck in Baltimore.

   There is no shortage of places willing to stick you!


  These signs seem to be everywhere.

                                      Get Your Flu Shot

The vaccine can be given at doctor's offices, health departments, hospitals, pharmacies, libraries, Senior Centers, City Hall, malls, community centers, colleges and even Target.

So easy and so fast. Fill out a short form, take a seat, have the injection. They ask that you wait around for a few minutes if is your first time getting the vaccine... just in case there is an allergic reaction.

Have you gotten your FLU shot? Have you shared the need with others? This is a good reason to make contact with family, friends and clients.

 Just a friendly reminder to....Get Your Flu Shot or....

        Getting Stuck in Baltimore.

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