Saturday, October 06, 2012

Signatures Slow As Molasses

Signatures Slow As Molasses

                                  slow as molasses

As a busy Baltimore Broker, I have the tools to make transactions lightening fast.  I have a scanner and a fax that goes right into my email and a iPad that I can get signatures to any of my clients, Realtor®, attorneys, title companies and lenders.

But on more than a few occasions...the seller does not have a fax, does not have an email and certainly does not have  a scanner. These are the times...Signatures Are Slow As Molasses.

I have been to the seller's house, assisted living, nursing homes and hospitals. I have gotten necessary papers signed, I have notarized, I have taken a photograph of their identification and then scanned and emailed to save critical time.

Just this week...a necessary death certificate was not where it was supposed to be.  We needed it for settlement. I asked the owner, the out of town daughter and the son in law to provide me with a copy.

Each one was to follow up. When I called with a gentle reminder, there was a bit of concern. No one had a copy and it was too late to go the 'Vital Records."

I found out the name of the funeral home and gave them a call. They had the record from 14 years ago and within minutes faxed me a copy to my email. That paper work was slow as molasses but we got it done.

No amount of technology could have sped this process along. Signatures Slow As Molasses 

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