Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wonderfully Busy Fall Day In Baltimore!

Wonderfully Busy Fall Day In Baltimore!

It was a beautiful day with bright sunshine, cool temperatures and the trees painting  pictures with their fall colors.

                      Baltimore Fall Color HomeRome

        How busy was it?                 

A 9:30  showing at  3003 Northbrook Road in Pickwick  followed by a scheduled appointment and an Impromptu Open House  in Carroll County at 1930 Jordans Retreat. I got to see my friend Rio and owners Kathy and Tom. 

Stopped for lunch with  TLH  and watched the Ravens game with a final score 31-29. Yes, we won but just barely!

Then another showing along with an impromptu open house at  12325 Falls Road . Had a potential buyer stop after seeing the open house sign.

So that was 4 showings on 3 lisitings. There is some  interest in all three properties.  And that's what I call a....

  Wonderfully Busy Fall Day In Baltimore!



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