Saturday, November 10, 2012

We all need a Carra Riley in our lives

We all need a Carra Riley  in our lives.


Not only a good friend, a nice person and an author but also a wonderful coach and business executive!  

I love to list and sell real estate and find time to do it all…well most of it.

There comes a point when  it is necessary  to let go of some things.

That’s where Carra comes in. This wonderful lady can take the learning curve out of doing technology tasks such as Google+ Hangouts  and a myriad of other things. Things  we need and want to learn to make our business better so we can spend more quality time with our clients.



Carra's Buttons  Cosmic Cow Pie


Carra’s  calm and very patient way of showing and teaching allows an agent to concentrate on the actual task of real estate. Need a little help?  Need a lot of help?  Need help with a specific project?  Give Carra a shout! 

Don't forget to Say 'Hi 'and 'Thank You' for me! Cosmic cow

Take a moment to visit Carra's  Cosmic Cow Pie website.


We all need a Carra Riley in our lives.

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