Monday, December 03, 2012

Baltimore's MeetUp   Great Turn Out and a Great Time

What a MeetUp!! We had a great time and a great turnout! 18 people showed up including a couple of new agents* who, of course were invited to join ActiveRain. Do you recognize a few faces?

The People

ActiveRain MeetUp Baltimore 2012

Margaret Rome-Martha Brown- Bridget McGee -Cheryl Ritchie- Diane Philips Jan Bachman - Stephen Bachman- Anne Hruby- Margie Pachino- Andrea Bedard 

  Ellie McIntire- June Piper-Brandon-Rich Iarossi -Margaret Woda -James Brown (new*) Loletha Simmons(new*) - Kim Jones- Lenn Harley


The Food

At least one person ate healthy and we have the photo above to prove it! Our waitress Kim, did a superb job. We had a wonderful time today with many of the same guests from the last Baltimore MeetUp also at Bare Bones. 

Baltimore's MeetUp Great Turn Out and a Great Time

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