Friday, December 07, 2012

Busy Baltimore Week Learning By Coincidence

Busy Baltimore Week Learning By Coincidence

This has been a wonderfully busy week in December starting with our Baltimore MeetUp.  We had a great turnout, 18 to be exact.

At the  Southern Maryland MeetUp , Rich Iarossi was talking about Realtor®Property Resource and I wanted to know more.

Coincidence... Kim Jones, who was also at our BareBones MeetUp,  graciously invited me to an RPR seminar at her Keller Williams office today. Another coincidence... June Piper-Brandon, who was at the MeetUp, was also in the class room today.

Lee Nieman was our knowledgeable and entertaining speaker.

There is so much information... and every Realtor® has access to RPR. 

 By using this tool, we are able to get more realistic valuation prices, using public information and MLS statistics. The other commercial sites, used by the general public, do not have the MLS data. Is your real estate agent using RPR?

Check it out in the quick guide listed below.




Have you used RPR?

Busy Baltimore Week Learning By Coincidence

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