Monday, December 17, 2012

Restored Reisterstown Home Is A Beauty

Restored Reisterstown Home Is A Beauty

This past weekend we  were guests at a lovely party at this restored Reisterstown Home. The hosts were terrific and made us feel so welcome. We had a great time.

Restored Reisterstown Home

The house was sparkling with warmth, holiday spirit and love. Everywhere I looked was wonderful eye candy and a story to share.

The pottery is  real ceramic pieces on one wall and faux painting mirror images on the other. So much creativity can be achieved with faux finishes.

Amazing what this couple has done with this historic  house showing an abundance of talent and patience. This beautiful home was divided into 3 apartments when the present owners acquired it about a dozen years ago.

And did I say we had a really great evening?

We are so lucky to have friends who include us in their festive parties and celebrations.


Restored Reisterstown Home Is A Beauty


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