Friday, January 11, 2013

Attending a Denver ReBar Camp From Baltimore

Attending a Denver ReBar Camp From Baltimore

Wonderfully busy day in Baltimore starting with a workout at the gym,  showing my Contemporary Stone and Cedar  Rancher , attending a Mini ReBar Camp in Denver, a client meeting and dinner with friends.

Whoa.. back up. How was I able to attend a mini ReBar Camp in Denver?

This photo of my computer screen shows  Carra Riley presenting live in Denver. The lower part part  of the screen, you can almost see Margaret Rome and 'Hangout On Air Specialist' Ronnie Bincer .

We were not in Denver but at our computers at home using this exciting technology.

Google hangout


Carra Riley  was hosting the event, with Kristal Kraft, in front of real estate agents, in Denver, who were learning  how to use Hangouts On Air.

Other guests included Margaret Rome, Adrienne May, who was sharing great information about Veterans United, and  Sarah Hill.

It had to be exciting for the ReBar attendees to see the action live on the big screen in a Denver classroom.

Sarah Hill describes a hangout as Human Media vs Social Media.

Google+ Hangouts might just be the 'new way' for connecting us to each other.

A Hangout is a private video chat.

A Hangout on Air is public and recorded on YouTube.

Do you want to learn more about Google+ Hangouts?

Go find a friend, hangout and have some fun.

Attending a Denver ReBar Camp From Baltimore

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