Sunday, January 13, 2013

Busy Talk Radio Show With Lots of Callers

Busy Talk Radio Show With Lots of Callers

It was Sunday and it was 12 Noon and we had a busy radio show.

All About Real Estate

Here are examples of some of the call-in topics.

  • A buyer with a delayed settlement still in underwriting.

  • A mother calling for her daughter who is a teacher and first time buyer. 

  • A cash buyer concerned  about closing costs.

  • A buyer with "bad credit" wanting to purchase a small house.

  • There was even one caller wanting to talk politics. I reminded him this show was called All About Real Estate for a reason.

 The listening audience is looking for help with their real estate needs. Buyers, sellers and real estate professionals are welcome to call in on Sunday.

Callers make the show and two special friends called in today.

The first was a seller talking about his vacation condo for sale in Whitetail and is  Only 90 Minutes From Baltimore!  This one bedroom property, located  at a ski resort, is owned by my friend and personal trainer John Vargo. This condo is also for rent until the right buyer is found.


The second was Realtor® Martha Brown who talked about her   Unique Listing In Pasadena.  This property is perfect for entertaining on a secluded acre, with multiple garages, carports and a private "beach" area. It would make a great extended family compound, a corporate retreat, Bed & Breakfast or just your own year round  'staycation'  home with a rustic, charming resort feel!

This radio show is a perfect way to help buyers and sellers, along with other professionals, stay current with real estate.


WCBM 680 AM Talk Radio Sunday at 12 Noon

Busy Talk Radio Show With Lots of Callers


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