Monday, January 14, 2013

Finding Time To Blog

Finding Time To Blog


When speaking with clients, agents and other professionals ..I am frequently asked..

How do you find time to blog?

Here are a few of my responses

  • 'Gee you look really nice, great looking outfit. How did you have time to put yourself together for this appointment?'

  • 'Your hair looks great, when did you have time to go to the salon?'

  • 'Did you take a shower today? How did you make time?' 

  • 'You ate today. When did you find time?'

  • 'Gas in your car?

 You get the idea. After a few questions and a bit of laughing my point is made.

You make time for what is important!

As mentioned on page 15 of my book  Real Estate the Rome Way  .... WIN is an  important acronym that works to focus my concentration.

It stands for What's Important Now. The more you use these three words, the more you understand the power of What's Important Now?

WIN is how I am

Finding Time To Blog

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