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How to Add a Photo When Using the iPad for Writing a Blog Post on ActiveRain

My iPad is a wonderful tool that I enjoy using  for my real estate business. Thanks to William Johnson for encouraging me to use the iPad and for sharing his expertise. I cannot wait to try this.

Via San Diego Real Estate Voice authored by William Johnson GRI CRS e-Pro CDPE (RE/MAX Associates):
Interior of Listing 
How to Add a Photo When Using the iPad for Writing a Blog Post

Cheryl Richie from Maryland and I some time ago figured out how to add the photo using our Flickr account. It was as simple as sending the photos to Flickr and using the web address for the photo. My problem with this is I don't want to send all my edited photos on Flickr for reasons that have nothing to do with this post. 
When I edit or resize a photo and add a © and name, I save that photo in DropBox. Unable to have Dropbox as a selection that works when trying to add a photo to my ActiveRain post from my iPad, I did notice that the app iPhoto for the iPad was available. So I purchased that app for the iPad. 
What I hadn't figured out was that DropBox where I have all my edited photos that I would use for my blog posts also has as part of its share capabilities the choice to save the photo again in iPhoto, since it can not be directly imported into the ActiveRain post.
It all finally came together and is now very easy to add the photo to the WYSIWYG format available in the full version of ActiveRain on the iPad. 

Step one - Locate a desired photo for Blog Post in Dropbox on the iPad
Step two - There is a share icon, select Save to iPhoto
Step three - Locate the photo in the iPhoto Photo Stream to confirm it is there.
Step four - Open up a New Blog Entry window on the iPad
Step five - Select the Add a Photo icon on the tool bar
(It will give you a choice to use existing photo or take a photo ).
Step six - Select Existing in iPhoto
Step seven - Locate the photo and choose
Step eight- Select size and position for the post and insert photo into blog post.
That is all there is too it. 
Enjoy adding photos to your posts done entirely from your iPad

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