Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not Driven But Definitely The Driver

 Not Driven But Definitely The Driver

Barbara's post  Are You Really me thinking.

I am not driven but I am definitely the driver.

Driver's seat

Always looking for a way to get my properties sold.

It could be a new way, an old way or a better way.

Advertising and marketing  come in so many different forms.

 Find out what works. Nothing works all the time and unusual properties require doing a variety of things. Some require a lot of time, some a lot a patience and some an outlay of money.

Writing copy, use of the internet, proper information in the MLS, keeping print media updated and a multitude of blogs can all draw attention to the house.

Sharing  technology or getting a listing or making my own appointments or the use of Lockboxes or finding a property for a specific buyer or talking about a reverse contingency, are all ways of getting noticed and in return getting exposure for my listings.

Letting the public know the benefits of the the community, talking to other agents, teaching, being the neighborhood expert, networking, writing a book and even having a my own radio show, proves that I am

Not Driven But Definitely The Driver.

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