Sunday, July 16, 2006


Here’s a story about how you never know when a casual conversation will turn into a wonderful connection. This blog started in San Antonio last January while I was at the CyberStar® Summit. For three days I immersed myself in high energy multi-tasking, surrounded by the best of the best in the real estate business.

On the flight back to Baltimore I was working on my tablet PC as usual, reading through my notes, and I started chatting with the woman in the next seat. (The tablet is a great conversation-starter – better than a dog, and you don’t have to clean up after it!) She said she was going to visit her sister-in-law who has a cleaning business in Maryland. Of course I asked her name, and in a city of several hundred thousand, of course I know her sister-in-law. We met several years ago through NAWBO, the women’s business organization. With the tablet’s note-taking feature, I was able to have my seat-mate write her name and email address right on the tablet’s screen.

Six months later I heard from her again. She’d been thinking about looking for a another house, and she said she would move if she could find a good agent. Did I know anyone? Of course! I was delighted to put her in touch with the CyberStar in San Antonio, Christina Whipple.

You just never know when the person next to you will turn into a new client for you or a connection for someone else. It’s all about being open to the possibility – and the fun – of a conversation with someone new.


At 12:55 AM, Blogger Rob Bushway said...

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Rob Bushway
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