Monday, September 17, 2007

An Adorable, Dependable Housekeeper

He's wider than he is tall, but he works like a charm. Never complains, just gets down to work vacuuming every floor in the house making sure to get close to the walls as he goes. Needs absolutely no supervision either – he just does his thing and then goes home.

Did I mention that his name is Roomba…and that he is a robotic vacuum? We bought the Roomba to stand in for the lady who cleans for us but has not been well lately. I love this fascinating machine. He's more fun than having a pet around.

This little wonder works in a random pattern, and it is hard to leave it alone at first. You want to move it and make sure it gets a certain area. But patience, as always, pays off. It has its own "built-in" pattern of cleaning. It's amazing how much stuff this little guy picks up. We have different floor surfaces in our home including carpets, ceramic tile, and wood. This little robot handles them all with ease. It even takes itself back "home" and parks where it also recharges. I feel like I'm in a Jetsons episode!

Here's what Investor's Business Daily said about my new helper:

The Roomba has a lot of smarts built in. It uses strategy to clean rooms, with different behaviors for different room patterns. It has sensors for detecting dirt and cliff sensors for avoiding stairs. It also can figure out how to get around obstructions, adjust to different floor surfaces and free itself when it's stuck.”

This is another assistant that I have just added to my team. Now I'm vacuuming the Type E way!

What's this got to do with real estate? Think about people you delegate work to. Do you hover over them to make sure they get the job done "right"? I've found that once you delegate you need to let go. You wouldn't give the person work if you didn't think they could handle it, so step back and let them do the job. Micromanaging a Roomba is a waste of time – he knows exactly what he's doing, and all you do is slow him down. Works the same with people, don't you think?

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