Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An Exciting Day in Class - Baltimore, Maryland

It wasn't the subject matter. It wasn't even the results of the quiz. As usual, what made the day exciting was the people. An Exciting Day in Class-Baltimore,Maryland

Anna with Kindle A few days ago I wrote about Anna in my broker class, and how she's a great fan of the Kindle, Amazon's e-book reader. Well yesterday she had it with her and was showing us all how it works. It is so thin, so neat!


But it got better. She pulled up the cover of my book, showed how to turn the pages, and how to put the curser before a word and voilá...the definition.

Kindle definition

Book on Amazon KindleBut she wasn’t done yet – there was one more special feature. The Kindle reads to you. There in front of about 15 other brokers/agents... my book was been read aloud! As one person commented "It sure doesn't sound like you." Nope, it didn't - it was a male voice. Hmm….wonder if you could change that to a female voice with a bit of a southern accent?

It was An Exciting Day in Class-Baltimore,Maryland

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