Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name......

Some can even disagree on flowers.

Not too long ago I wrote a post about some pretty flowers and thought  No One Will Disagree With Me On This Subject!

But a couple of commenters let me yellow was not their favorite color. In fact Russel Ray even talked about two stray yellow roses in his garden, He found them  a nuisance and even with weed spray,  could not kill them. I called and suggested he clip those two roses and make a present to someone who might enjoy them. And do it each time those annoying flowers bloomed. Now I wonder if he ever did that.

Then yesterday my Lee, TLH, brought me a bouquet with lots of colors. Rose Bouquet HomeRome RealtySo I thought maybe I can make two different arrangements... one with and one without the yellow ones. Would I then please everyone?

 Here is the whole bouquet in my kitchen sink.

          Here is my first arrangement.Rose Bouquet HomeRome Realty            

And then an arrangement using the yellow ones .
                    Rose Bouquet HomeRome Realty
                                     Guess these are prettier..what do you think?                        

                          Rose Bouquet HomeRome Realty
I happen to like all those colors but do think the one without the yellow is much prettier. In a week they will be gone and I just might be lucky enough to get another bouquet!



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