Saturday, October 23, 2010

No One Will Disagree With Me On This Subject!

Today I received flowers and  I bet  no one will disagree... they are just beautiful. The arrangement looks  good on my coffee table. He Did it Again! I love them both... the roses and TLH!

But yesterday's post about my print advertising did not have everyone agreeing. Take a look...within 24 hours, there were 75 comments on this feature   So forget print advertising ?.... NOT at this time.

Phil Faranda made this comment.. "Margaret- do what works. If I got results from hiring a town crier or taping my card to the inside of men's room stalls, I'd do it.If print ads are working for you, do print ads." Phil had written a featured post with an exact opposite view.

Thanks to Praful Thakkar for reblogging both posts.

              Pretty roses HomeRome Realty       Yellow Roses HomeRome Realty
These roses are beautiful and I bet no one will will disagree with me on this subject!

Is it our  goal  to write only posts that will get the reaction.."these are pretty flowers"

No One Will Disagree With Me On This Subject! Yes, of course, the flowers are beautiful. If all my writing was to have everyone agree with me, how would I have the chance to teach from my experience? How would I share ideas that have been a success? ....even when others have tried to convince me of what does not work!

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