Monday, February 11, 2013

The Best Paycheck Is A Letter of Appreciation

The Best Paycheck Is A Letter of Appreciation.

Thank You

This Letter of Appreciaton  arrived today:          

''Dear Margaret,

I feel bad that I haven’t contacted you since the closing of my house a couple of weeks ago. Having read some of your blogs, at least I feel typical – in that, as you stated, there’s a period of mourning with the sale of a longtime family home.  I suppose I haven’t totally moved on, as I am still getting adjusted to the new normal.

One thing that hasn’t changed (nor do I expect it ever will) is my feeling for the way you handled the process with me. You were/are… wonderful! There were so many things I appreciated, but I will attest to anyone in your field of Real Estate – or any other industry, for that matter – that you are the example that others should follow. I could rattle off the little things (initiating and returning phone calls, e-mails, texts; meetings as required; being intensely involved when necessary; backing off a little (like at the beginning – when I needed to sort some things out); immediately having most of the answers to my questions; finding out the answers when you didn’t have them; making all the closing arrangements without any hitches (at least none visible to me).

 It’s somewhat impressive that you embrace new technologies – iphone/ipad blogging and texting, for example. What’s really impressive, though, is that you seamlessly use these technologies for the benefit of your clients, peers, or network associates – which ultimately benefits all! 

I think the thing I’m most impressed with, though, is your integrity, and work ethic. I know you’ve come to learn that, since I’m divorced, the two most important people in my life are my mom and daughter. Unfortunately, my mom is slipping away… I wanted my daughter with me when we met, and at as many meetings as possible, to give her a taste of how the realty process works. I’m glad I got you, and I’m glad my daughter got a chance to see you in action.   

Thanks for everything, Margaret.
Your favorite seller,



 Below are a few more of the best paychecks.

 The Best Paycheck Is A Letter of Appreciation.


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