Monday, April 16, 2007

Bury Those Boxes!

We've been enjoying an excess of "liquid sunshine" these last couple of days as a massive nor'easter rolls up the Atlantic coast. Good! Just what my yard needs after the cleanup.

A couple of days ago it was beautiful cool, sunny weather, perfect for getting the yard in shape. The lawn was cleaned up, weeded, and the trees and garden beds were mulched to keep the weeds away. I thought about all the people who were doing the same thing, getting the outside of their home ready and raising the curb appeal.

Here's a tip for anyone who is moving soon: Did you know that cardboard boxes – plain, without lots of advertising and printing on them – can be placed around your garden, shrubs, and trees, then covered with mulch? In the two years it takes for the cardboard to breakdown…no weeds. Instead of throwing out those empty moving cartons, put them in the garden for another way to recycle. It's an easy way to "go green."

Even though I'm soaking wet from taking pictures in the rain, I'm glad to be splashing in Baltimore's special spring "sunshine."

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