Saturday, February 28, 2009

Such Beauty - Winter Craft Show in Baltimore

Green Grass JewelryIt was a warm 60-degree day in Baltimore and what better way to spend it than with a best friend, also an artist, at the juried American Craft Council show? Last year Peg and I didn't go the first day because of the ice, but it's a show we try to see every year for the fun and creative inspiration it provides.

Wood Bowls Green CraftWhat does this have to do with real estate and blogging? Let's go green! Most crafts, wood, ceramic, glass, weaving, metals etc., by nature are already green. This year, green seemed to be the theme of the show. Many booths displayed the Green Craft sign and I know this will make janeAnne very happy. Even Josh Simpson's spectacular blue glass was labeled "green." (you can see it in last year's post.)

Book PursesBook Purses Green CraftThis year we noticed there were a number of artists with book themes. Could it be the books caught our eye because of Real Estate the Rome Way and being with my publisher of Silloway Press? There was shelving made of books, we saw clocks made out of books, we saw wood made to look like books, and we saw Caitlin Phillips' pocketbooks (the kind we ladies carry) made out of hardback books.(Hmmm…when my book goes into hardback will we have a purse made of it?) The purse idea seemed to be a good one and this was a very popular booth. I liked the red Webster's dictionary. What would your favorite pocket BOOK be to carry on a daily basis?

Last year we saw only a few rows of the show and I think we enjoyed the experience more. This year we tried to cover it all and it was too much for one day. Being wonderfully busy, one day was all I could devote to the show this year. Even so, I had two settlements and a showing on one of my listings right after we left the Convention Center, and then dinner with good friends. Thank goodness for cell phones with email and caller ID!

Easter Island Metal Sculpture with Artist Dale RogersPeg and I went without a plan, we said let's wander, no direction. We could have just done books, or just done fibers, or just done wood, or just done glass, or just done jewelry, etc. As it was, we got tired and neither of us bought this year - very unusual.

It reminded me of a buyer who wants to see everything, so the agent takes them to 30 houses in a weekend, instead of narrowing it down to the best four or five. When showing houses, you narrow your showings to... all the homes in one zip code, homes in a specific school district, all detached homes, all split levels, all homes with a pool, all homes with garages, all home with fenced yards. You can only do this if... you ask enough questions.

Were you prepared or did you just make a list of homes in price range and show all? Better choices can be made, a better time can be had, and you are more likely to make the right decision by comparing a smaller number but seeing only what you and or the buyer are interested or qualified for.

Dog with a boneI look forward to next year's special day with a special friend, but next time we will go with a plan.

This was an exceptional show and we enjoyed talking with the artists. Let's "face" it, some artists like Dale Rogers are "Like A Dog With a Bone!"

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