Saturday, December 18, 2010

Meet Me For Breakfast!

                                    Suburban House HomeRome 410-530-2400                       

An email from a potential buyer wanted to meet  at a property at 10 AM this morning.  Delighted with the interest but how do I fit this in? I have a 12:30 comittment. 

On our last  get together, we spent almost three hours at the house..more than enough time to get a feeling for this very special home. The round trip alone is an hour and half, minimum. (Yes there is a reason I took the property this far away and if you like I can blog that at a later date.)
How do I arrange a face to face meeting, discuss a possible offer, not make the buyers feel rushed and still honor my next appointment?

Easy! My return email read something like.... "Would you meet me for breakfast at Suburban House  10:00 treat, of course?" I included directions and waited for a reply.

The restaurant is right inside the Baltimore Beltway at 1700 Reisterstown Road and a few minutes from my next appointment.  (How convenient for me?)

It was obvious that the buyer had a few hours..they suggested the meeting. A quick response confirmed the breakfast meeting. What a time saver plus a chance to really bond with the buyers...treating them to one of my favorite places. The meeting was fun, enlightening, trust building and the beginnings of a transaction negotiation.

Quality time was spent with the buyers, they enjoyed the experience and we had a good time. When it was time to leave, I gave them my new business cards and it was a huge hit! He had special compartment in his briefcase....the card was going to be  a keeper.

You see I remember when we were together the last time....his reading glasses were in the car and this Magnicard would have been perfect.
                                      HomeRome 410-530-2400
Meet Me For Breakfast at Baltimore's Suburban House!

Gotta go get ready for my next appointment...a holiday party and don't worry, I will be taking photos to share with you!

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